Online courses

Parametric Origami

Course by Ar. Ankon Mitra

(MSc. Digital Arch - UCL, UK | B.Arch - SPA Delhi)

Online courses

Parametric Origami

Course by Ar. Ankon Mitra

(MSc. Digital Arch - UCL, UK | B.Arch - SPA Delhi)


24 students only

3 weeks (only weekends)

5 Resources

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1 Final Project

Level: Intermediate


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What is Parametric Origami ?

Parametric Origami is the combination of computational design / modelling and the evergreen techniques of Origami. Signifying the infinite possibilities of the same, this Course is your gateway into the most exciting new field of design research.

" The possibility of creation from paper is infinite "

- Akira Yoshizawa

Sunder Nursery Origami Pavilion constructed by mentor Ankon Mitra

Sunder Nursery Origami Pavilion constructed by mentor Ankon Mitra

Sunder Nursery Origami Pavilion (Top View)

Cirrus-Cumulus at India Design by Ar, Ankon Mitra

Triceratops Sculpture Proposal by Mentor at the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum in Alberta, Canada.

Tripura in Alignment by mentor Ankon Mitra

Program Overview

key highlights of the online course

1. Learn the basics of origami and and computational design.

2. Learn how to fold, draw patterns, and explore endless possibilities in origami through computational simulations.

3. Back from Digital to Physical : Solving Real World Architecture/Design problems with Parametric Origami

4. Transitioning from Physical to Digital :Parametric modifications of creasing patterns (Freeform Origami, Origami Simulator, Rhino with Grasshopper)


Is this recommended for me ?

Anyone with some prior basic experience of folding is encouraged to apply. Anyone with an interest in design applications of Origami is also suited for the course. This workshop will be advanced for those with no prior experience of folding.

Learning Outcomes

Top course takebacks.

1. Identity and Analyse patterns yourself.

Being able to develop the skill to identify what Origami creasing pattern will render what 3-Dimensional shape

2. Computer Aided Design

Extensive and competent usage of all the features of the softwares - Freeform Origami, Origami Simulator and Grasshopper with Rhino, to develop, modify and hybridize patterns

3. Principles and Techniques of Origami

Principles of flexibility, multi-utility and flat- packability - how to achieve and harness them - as they are inherent strengths of the Origami technique

4. Applications and Prototyping

Applying the learnings from the into product, lighting, architecture and furniture design projects culminating in physical prototypes

Tools covered:

Rhino 6.0


Why study Parametric Origami ?

Many designers and design students are interested in Origami and its applications in different design paradigms. They can fold a pattern independently as well. A few can draw basic patterns for themselves. But very few can modify patterns according to the specific geometric real-world problem. This workshop seeks to bridge that gap between knowing folding to creating one’s own folding patterns and also modifying them as a situation demands.

Course Schedule

Best-in-class content curation and personalized training from industry experts in the form of lectures, projects, assignments.

Timings of Live workshop (each day):

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

03:30 PM - 06:00 PM

Day 01 (Saturday) - 5 Hour

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM | 03:30 PM - 06:00 PM IST (+05:30 hrs GMT)

Module 1.1: Matrix: A family of Origami patterns

Activity 1.1: Quiz: Architecture Geometries

Module 1.2: Why Origami?

Module 1.3: Principles of Parametrics & Origami

Activity 1.2: Introduction to Freeform Origami

Day 02 (Sunday) - 2.5 Hour

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM IST (+05:30 hrs GMT)

Module 2.1: Mini Projects: Freeform Origami

Activity 2.1: Introduction to Origami Simulator

Module 2.2: Group Discussion: Learning from each other

Day 03 - 04 | Self Practice

Day 05 (Wednesday) - 1 Hour

06:00 PM - 07:00 PM IST (+05:30 hrs GMT)

Module 5.1: Mid week review

Day 06 - 07 | Self Practice

Day 08 (Saturday) - 5 Hour

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM | 03:30 PM - 06:00 PM IST (+05:30 hrs GMT)

Module 8.1: Hybrid Solutions: Presentation by students

Activity 8.1: Grids: Drawing Patterns from scratch

Activity 8.2: Parametric Origami: Rhino & Grasshopper

Module 8.2: Looking at Origami case studies

Day 09 (Sunday) - 2.5 Hour

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM IST (+05:30 hrs GMT)

Activity 9.1: Hybridized Origami Patterns

Activity 9.2: Introduction to Final Design Challenge

Module 9.1: Group Discussion: Looking at Global works

Day 10 - 11 | Self Practice

Day 12 (Wednesday) - 1 Hour

06:00 PM - 07:00 PM IST (+05:30 hrs GMT)

Module 12.1: Mid week review

Day 13 - 14 | Self Practice

Day 15 (Saturday) - 2.5 Hour

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM IST (+05:30 hrs GMT)

Module 15.1: Final Jury and presentation

Want to know more details ?

Download Syllabus and get to know more about the topic and per day schedule


Learn from leading Industry Mentors collaborating with Oneistox

Ankon Mitra
(MSc. Digital Arch - UCL, UK | B.Arch - SPA Delhi)
Lead Mentor

Ankon Mitra is an architect by training and an artist by temperament, with a keen interest in the geometry & mathematics of nature. A gold medalist (SPA, Delhi) and Director at Hexagramm Design Pvt. Ltd., he has done intensive research in tessellating geometries, folding processes in nature and Origami in paper, plastics and metal. He has conducted scores of workshops on geometry and origami related to Fashion, Industrial Design and Architecture along with completing numerous event installations in India. His works can be viewed at

I have been to more than 10 workshops till now but I have never seen such a workshop ever, it was very professionally done and it’s fabulous.

Srujan Anand , SSAA (Gurgoan)


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What all does my fee include?

Tuition fee for Expert led training, Certificate of Participation on completion of the workshop, Recorded Materials + Reading references worth $ 70, Scholarships from a pool worth $ 300, Access to a Day X: Global Meetup worth $ 40, Additional Workshop alumni benefits– such as discounts on future workshops worth $ 10

Will I receive recordings of the session?

While our workshops are not pre-recorded, in order to provide for more collaborative and live learning we do provide recorded highlights of the daily sessions on your personal dashboard (account on our website). These highlights are available to you up to 1 year after the workshop!

How do I know this workshop is for me or not?

All oneistox learning experiences are open to everyone. The workshop is designed so that it caters to students as well as professionals of architecture and design who want to explore forms through origami and parametricism.

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