Featured Projects

Manifesto for a Free+Equal City

by Amrita, Samia, Daniella, Vyusti

in Critical Thinking and Drawing

Bamboo Table

by Arjun Savalani

in Parametric Furniture Design

Cyber Social Space

by Himanshu Chopra, Soumyadeep das, Rishabh Wadhwa, Auns Ahmed

in Critical Thinking and Drawing

A Walking City

by Maanit, Srujan, Jishnu, Apurv

in Critical Thinking and Drawing

Pur Chocolat

by Cheshta Gupta, Yusuf

in Branding and Identity Design


by Jyoti, Manmeet Verma, Heer Raval

in Branding and Identity Design

Super Block Hight Density Habitat

by Apurv, Mridula, Siddhartha

in Generative Architetcure

Tactile Urbanism

by Andrea, Gautam, Prajwal

in Generative Architetcure

Breathable Mask

by Amrutha, Anu

in Biomimicry Design Thinking Workshop

Al Bahar

by Atif, Chaitanya

in Algorithm Design Modelling Workshop

Castpone Project Energy Analysis

by Sakshi Lanjewar

in Computation Environmental Analysis Workshop


by Mahaveer, Simran, Faiza

in Extreme Architecture Workshop

Bend out of Square

by Hinal Mehta

in Logics of Parametric Design

P Attract - Railway Station Canopy

by Vishesh Agnihotri

in Logics of Parametric Design

Tower Light

by Saksham Chandekar

in Logics of Parametric Design

Domino Pavillion

by Apurv

in Generative Architetcure

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1:1 Pavilion Series

Pagolin 1:1
Terrametric Fabrication+ Workshop

The Terrametric Fabrication + workshop was an 8-day event to held from 21st-28th December 2019 at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi by Oneistox. The lead mentor for the workshop was Ar. Monish Siripurapu – Director of Ant Studio and a trailblazer in the field of Sustainable computational design. The Industry partners for the workshop included Bangalore tile company, Bellisimo Solutions, UST fabricators and New Universal craft.

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