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Creativity never stops, neither should we.

An earnest message to our community.

Illustrations byBhavya Godra

Dear Tribe Members

These are challenging times, and we recognise how the pandemic has affected our way of life as designers, architects, creatives and our community at large.

Oneistox is guided by two priorities: ensuring safety and health and minimizing disruption to our learners.Therefore, we have put our offline workshops on hold. We would request your patience through this. However, we ensure that all workshops that have been postponed will take place in the future, and we will meet once again!

Learning has
no limits.

Despite these times of uncertainty, we believe that learning, personal growth, and networking should not stop.

Hence, to facilitate this, Oneistox will continue to bring forth the best learning opportunities for you. Whether you’re looking for a new topic, trend or want to diversify your skill set, our community of mentors and learners is here for you ---ONLINE.

Live the workshop
experience at your home.

We’re excited to announce our Online Workshops .Through informal discussions, expert-vetted group activities and personalised feedback sessions, we make sure the workshop experience is of learning together as a group and not alone. Online workshops won’t be limited to any geography, you can connect to fellow tribe members across borders and learn, create and innovate together online!

We hope that our workshops will help to bring us together, develop new skills and make us feel more connected while in the comfort of our homes.

Thank you all for the wonderful ideas and feedback you’ve shared with us in recent days. We hear you, we see you, and we’re so grateful you’re a part of our tribe. Please explore the options below and, as always, feel free to reach out to info@oneistox.in anytime.

In Community,
Team Oneistox

We believe learning should never stop whatever the circumstances

So tune in to our weekly broadcast:

Oneistox Live

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Oneistox Live schedule:

3 pm IST

Sat 09/05/20


Creative coding for arts

By Ar. Aman Jain


3 pm IST

Sat 16/05/20


Design conceptualization

By Ar. Kiran Babu


3 pm IST

Sat 30/05/20


Sketching 101 /Illustrator

By Goutham Othayoth


3 pm IST

Sat 25/04/20


Design thinking for student design projects

By Ar. Nishita


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