Vaastu: Myth or Science?

ramya asokan

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August 21

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Forgetting that it is science , vaastu is widely used by people as a business technique to earn from peoples emotion. Some superstitions stirred around has made this generation question if vaastu is science

Even though vaastu has some myths about its origination, we can’t deny that its principles are based on very basic scientific elements.

Urbanization and industrialization has led to depletion of resources and we are not in harmony with our environment anymore. Humans today are facing fragmentation and alienation today at a physical , mental and cosmic level .

Vaastu’s basic principles establish the fact of building with nature which reduces the chaos caused with resources and avoids the feeling of fragmentation.

The Principles

Chandigarh plan

The main principles of vaastu include site orientation, site planning , proportions , dimensions of the building , aesthetics . In vaastu north and east are considered the important directions. More windows and doors are present on the east side to allow early sun rays which have many benefits. The walls are thick on the west side for protection from the afternoon sun . Homes properly oriented can save upto 40 % energy on home heating .The vaastu shastra mandala is the astrological chart that takes the shape of the site. This chart adapts to various conditions and has simple principles.Chandigarh, designed by Corbruiser followed these principles.

According to vaastu water should flow in the north or east direction and the sukhna lake flows in the east corner. The city center (Sector 17) is the heart of the city.According to Vaastu, Lord Brahma occupies the center of the place. Vaastu says the south and west directions are favorable places for living purposes. Thus, residential buildings are located in these directions.

Even though vaastu uses its myth to validate some points, the reasoning works otherwise too. Whether it’s a public, semi public or private space we know the center of any space is the most important one and so the most appropriate place for the heart of the city will be the center.

Placing The Frontage

Entry Points

The concept of gomukh and waghmukh suggests how different spaces should have different frontage and how it is placed on the site .It says private spaces like houses should have a narrow opening whereas public spaces should have a wider opening and should face the roads directly to invite people. So if any road directly approaches the plot it is considered undesirable mainly due to privacy issues for private spaces. Proper placing of different spaces in the locality creates a sense of belonging with a sense of individuality.

Zoning In The House

Zoning in the house

Orientation of spaces inside the house is one of the most important part of vaastu states that the kitchen should be placed towards the north /east in order to release odor which can happen due to good air flow , the bedroom should be towards the west /south as these places are hot during the day and these spaces are used at night. As we see these reasons are on a broader aspect of climate but there are myths related to the orientation.

People use the myth part of it to propagate the idea rather than using the scientific reasoning.

One applies to all rule

Another prominent misinterpretation that has led people to question the idea of vaastu is applying the “one applies to all” rule to it. It does give an idea on how to orient things but that doesn’t mean it’s a hard and fast rule to do so . Wind directions and sunpaths change from place to place, thus the orientation .

Vaastu just gives a broader outlook . It’s an individual’s choice to use its principle in favor of oneself.

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ramya asokan

student spa,delhi
Ramya is an undergraduate student from SPA Delhi. Being brought up abroad she understands the intricacies of inter culture practises and hopes to spread awareness about the impact of culture in architecture. Writing for her is a tool of expression to share simple issues and problems faced by young architects and students.

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