7 Tips to Find Architecture Workshops in India for you

mausam jamwal

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June 08

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Hungry to learn, but often find yourself second-guessing how to utilize your valuable time and money wisely? Read on to know how to pick the best architecture workshops in India for yourself.

Architecture students and professionals are often the pictures of zealous hyperactivity, jumping from one learning experience to the next. Which really is no wonder, because this field offers endless alleys to turn into and wander around, yet seemingly such little time. Most architecture colleges in India offer low flexibility in streamlining your own education path, which means that detailed knowledge-seeking often needs to take place outside of the institution. Since your time and money spent outside college is limited and valuable, it’s important to have some insight into the world of architecture workshops in India, so you can maximize your learning!

Here are some tips to help you plan wisely:

1 | Find what interests you

Terrametric Workshop, Indian Sequel at SPA,Delhi by @oneistox

Probably the most critical point, it’s ideal to take up subjects you feel strongly attracted towards for additional learning. This is easy, since the academic rigour of an architectural education will expose you to as many fields and techniques as humanly possible. All you have to do is pick the ones which interest you more than the others, and you will find workshops and mentors willing to help you delve further into it!

2 | Categorically enlarge your skill-set

Learning new techniques clears execution blockages and allows your design thinking to flow.

It’s valuable to explore technologies which expand your potential as a designer. Learning skills like BIM, creative coding, vernacular building technologies, or even how to write a research paper give you a larger toolkit to experiment with and allow for a confident and consistent flow of creativity and communication.

3 | Avoid repetitive workshops

An online workshop on Design Concept and Strategy offered at Oneistox. Workshops like these help enlarge your skill-set while approaching design from various angles.

A corollary of the previous point, yet is important to reinforce because many (especially new) students may end up making this mistake and going in circles. Reputed workshops with specific themes like sustainable architecture workshops, parametric design workshops etc which offers you knowledge along the same lines and would limit your growth. The learning curve is not the one we want to flatten!

Jokes apart, unless a level of difficulty is assigned, you would end up with the same experience rather than learning more about the subject. Rather, there are always new methods to learn about the subject of your interest. For example, if you are interested in architectural entrepreneurship, workshops like product development, branding, pitching, and other soft skills can all help you piece together the larger whole.

4 | Understand your Budget

This is key for students with a limited budget, which is often the case. Architectural workshops in India come in all shapes and sizes, and can fit pretty much any pocket. From free online courses and pay-what-you-want webinars to expensive 20-day immersive workshops, you can have your pick of the lot. It’s important to keep in mind that money does not necessarily dictate the quality of your learning; rather having a good understanding of your budget makes the research for workshops a lot more targeted.

For tight pockets, it’s usually a good idea to do a bunch of smaller, bite-sized workshops with very specific aims to gain a comprehensive experience. Many good workshops also offer scholarships to certain students and large discounts in bulk bookings.

5 | Weigh Complexity vs. Time

A good way to understand if you’re getting your value for time and money is if the complexity of the workshop corresponds well with the length of it. Take a good look at the schedule and programmes and the value addition they offer. If it looks incomplete, vague, or sparsely detailed; or if they have assigned inordinately large chunks of time to tasks, it’s probably not very well-planned. On the other hand, if the schedule seems to blur too quickly through complex exercises, you may find yourself harried and confused by the end. It’s good to find a happy balance through short architecture courses.

6 | Absorb, Reflect and Apply

There’s no point of additional learning if you’re going to shut the drawer on it. Workshops are meant to provide you with skill-sets which you can use in your projects and day-to-day tasks. In fact, they may have the danger of dying out if you don’t continue to apply and build on them. Remember to use your knowledge effectively and to continue research on it individually after the session is over.

7 | Have fun!

Learning new techniques clears execution blockages and allows your design thinking to flow.

Saving the most important for the last: learning experiences outside the institution are meant to be wholesome and enjoyable, not tedious or mandatory. Gather a bunch of friends, travel to new places, meet people from various cultures, and create many happy memories! Learning together has the ability to bring people together like nothing else, and that’s the true beauty of workshops. Capture that essence, and you’ll probably never have a bad experience.

mausam jamwal

Mausam graduated as an Architect from SPA Delhi in 2019. A bookworm army kid who took an interest in writing, she advocates environmental and social activism through architecture, and strongly believes in the congruence of words and design to inspire thought and revolution.

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