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Join our community of Industry experts to bridge the gap between theoretical education and practical know how.

Why Partner with Oneistox?

Encourage ‘Learning by Doing’

Give young designers and professionals a chance to experience your product/services/research first hand by sharing practical knowledge.

Foster Innovation

Our workshops are curated to create innovative tangible outcomes like pavilions and installations using your products/services/research.

Reach a Wider Audience

Bring more attention to your products/services/research across the fields of architecture, engineering and design through our expansive reach.

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Types of Industry Partners

As a knowledge partner, you would be responsible for adding more expertise to the subject of a workshop.

You can feature a special talk or session about your research/product in a workshop

  • A. Knowledge Partner

  • B. Material Expert

  • C. Workshop Patron

Workshop Gallery

Take a look at the various experiences during the course of our workshops:

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Any firm/consultancy/company registered in the world can opt to be an Industry Partner. We however, prefer companies that are associated with the design Industry.

Any employee or owner of the company can fill out our application. However, on finalisation of a partnership we require a confirmation in the form of a MOU signed by the representatives of the company.

Industries usually partner with us in three of the following ways 1. Knowledge Partner for the workshop 2. Materials Expert for a workshop 3. Workshop Patron. You can read more about these partnerships on www.oneistox.in/community/industry

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